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Pivot Point Report
Region of Activities: Global
Type: Report
Origin: Race to Zero

This report is a product of radical collaboration, with 40+ organisations working on accelerating non-state actor climate action in support of the Paris Agreement, coming together to share findings, insights and perspectives. It presents an overview of the current landscape across the voluntary climate leadership initiatives, and emerging standards and regulations, and offers insights on how to dramatically accelerate from voluntary action to the adequate standards, policies and regulations needed to deliver climate action at scale and achieve the mitigation goal of the Paris Agreement - recognising the different circumstances, capacities and needs of different countries. It explores some appropriate enabling environments and outlines the wide array of tools available, and highlights key questions to address hereon, providing a thought-piece for dialogue and consideration. Most importantly, it actively calls - indeed urges - non-state actors to (a) join the Race to Zero; (b) dramatically ratchet their policy engagement in line with this report; and (c) urges them to help inform, shape and drive the needed standards, legislation and regulation to get the world back on track to a 1.5C-aligned pathway to achieve a resilient, just net zero world.