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Roadmap to Reaching Zero Embodied Carbon in Federal Building Projects
Author: Anish Tilak, Connor Usry, and Victor Olgyay
Region of Activities: North America
Type: Report
Subject: Materials
Origin: RMI

In this report, RMI provides a roadmap for how the US federal government can reduce embodied carbon emissions from public building projects over the next 30 years and outlines strategies for agencies to facilitate the broader movement to decarbonize the building industry and industrial supply chains. The core strategies underpinning the roadmap to zero embodied carbon by 2050 are:

  • A robust Buy Clean procurement program with emissions standards for major building materials and a clear path to increasing the stringency of these targets.
  • Procurement policies that incentivize or require the purchasing of advanced, deeply decarbonized materials for federal projects.
  • Whole-project embodied carbon performance standards to enable holistic benchmarking of federal building projects.
  • A climate-smart portfolio planning framework that captures the embodied carbon value of preservation, renovation, and adaptive reuse of existing buildings.