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Towards Zero Carbon: Buildings Policies in India 2022
Author: Gautam Nagar, Shatakshi Suman
Region of Activities: Asia-Pacific
Origin: GBPN

GBPN, in collaboration with a group of experts from India, has prepared a report assessing the current state of building policies in India to develop an understanding of the way forward in terms of achieving zero carbon emissions in the building sector.

There are a number of the guidelines, codes, schemes & programmes in India to improve the building sector's energy consumption levels in India which align to the country’s National commitments. However, there are a number of strategies that could be adopted to improve their implementation like improvement in administra- tion processes, creating incentives, revising and ensuring implementation feasibility and more. Such strategies can help address national issues like water efficiency, energy efficiency, fossil fuel use, consumer waste and natural resource use while also enhancing occupant health, productivity, and wellbeing.