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Africa Climate Week 2021

Date: 27-29 September

The central objective of the Africa Climate Week is to share ways for governments to implement the Paris Agreement in the region, making use of all the planning tools and support available under the Paris Agreement.

This will be achieved across three core tracks:

  • Track 1 - National actions and economy-wide approaches
  • Track 2 - Integrated approaches for climate-resilient development
  • Track 3 - Seizing transformation opportunities (led by UNEP in cooperation with the GlobalABC)

The GlobalABC is organizing the first session of the third track on 'Imagining 2050: building pathways to a low-carbon urban built environment', with the aim to:

  • Highlight the main current challenges and opportunities for a sustainable urban and peri-urban future in Africa related to buildings and construction, such as emissions and energy/resource use from the buildings and construction sector.
  • Delineate the transformation pathway for cities and built environment to contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation, build resilience through locally adapted design and materials, restoring ecosystems and ensuring the well-being of inhabitants.
  • Identify actions, policies and investments needed to transform cities and the built environment by 2030 and 2050.
  • Outline transformations that need to happen and the levers for change.
  • Propose a vision for sustainable buildings cities in Africa with concrete examples of ongoing city-level action, including the use of sustainable materials, passive designs, nature-based solutions.
  • Showcase what is already being done on the ground to advance and accelerate low-carbon development in the region

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