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Building materials – A hidden heavyweight for the climate: How can financing and policy support the decarbonisation of building materials and construction?

Date: 24 March

Time: 11:00-12:30 CET

An area the size of Paris is added to the global built surface every week. The production of building materials and construction activities is responsible for 10% of global emissions from energy. Fast-growing developing countries experience the highest construction activity, especially in Africa and Asia. 
Resource efficiency and circular economy approaches, the use of local sustainable materials and the decarbonisation of conventional materials such as cement and steel can massively reduce emissions. Companies across the globe, from large corporations to start-ups, have developed solutions for today’s real-estate markets. Still, dedicated efforts are needed to roll these solutions out at scale. 
During this webinar, organized by PEEB in collaboration with the GlobalABC, ABC21 and ACT initiative, a panel of experts will highlight solutions to address embodied carbon and discuss how policy and finance can help them get to scale.  

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