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Cities, Real Estate and Decarbonisation (JLL)

Green Zone Hall B

Place: Green Zone Hall B

Date: 11 November 2022

Time: 13:00 - 14:00 Central Africa Time

Lead organisation(s): JLL


Given that more than 60% of carbon emissions within our cities typically comes from buildings, a growing number of city governments recognize that it’s time for action. Yet there is a significant gap between the policies enacted in municipalities, the impact of the real estate industry and the climate science that indicates the need to reach peak emissions to limit global warming. No single stakeholder group, whether in the public or private sector, has the resources or capabilities to accomplish decarbonisation on their own. So, how should city governments and the real estate industry collaborate to make the best of this vital decade? The session will draw on the very latest data from JLL’s City Net Zero Carbon Tracker (part of JLL’s proprietary Cities Research) to reveal the strategies that are enabling cities to achieve a net zero economy. We will explore policy and regulations, greening the grid, the role of buildings in the energy transition and driving resource efficiency, and creating partnerships to finance the transition. In the session, we will hear from policymakers, city leaders, corporate real estate investors and developers who are moving from ambition to urgent action globally.