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COP26 #BuildingsPavilion - Built Environment Market Transformation (GlobalABC, WBCSD, WorldGBC, Holcim, RIBA/Architects Declare)


Buildings Pavilion - The Climate Pledge Theater (Hall 5)

COP26 #BuildingsPavilion

Watch the recording of the event :

Place: Buildings Pavilion - The Climate Pledge Theatre (Hall 5)

Time: 9:30 - 11:00 GMT


The built environment is responsible for almost 40% of global energy and process-related CO2 emissions. To meet the 1.5˚C Paris Agreement objective, we must halve these emissions by 2030 and reach net-zero no later than 2050. Radical and deep collaboration across all stakeholders is crucial to ensure the needed change is achieved. This event presented the current status of emissions in the built environment (GlobalABC 2021 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction), what needs to be done to reduce them (RIBA and Architects Declare “Built for the Environment” report). It marked the launch of the “Global Market Transformation Levers for a Net Zero Built Environment" identified by the GlobalABC community as part of the Work Area 3 ‘Market Transformation’ co-lead by WBCSD, WorldGBC, Holcim. The work summarize enablers, leavers and ask for business, policy, finance and science to enable and accelerate the much-needed market transformation. GlobalABC also officially launched its Higher Education Institutions Network – a network to support the vision, mission, and work of the GlobalABC, and to recognize and support innovative research and data collection efforts.


The Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction, together with WBCSD, WorldGBC, Holcim and RIBA/Architects Declare, will host a "Built Environment Market Transformation" event in the #BuildingsPavilion on November 2nd, 9:30 - 11:00 GMT.
To achieve tangible and widespread whole life carbon mitigation (embodied and operational), various technical solutions already exist. However, their uptake and dissemination need to accelerate drastically. For this to happen, dynamics within the system need to change, and some critical market conditions need to transform. As market transformation measures, we identify three measures and two key enablers and related policy, finance, industry and science ask that accelerate success of the measures. These are key conditions that need to be secured to enable and accelerate the decarbonization of the built environment.

In this session, under the umbrella of the GlobalABC, two recent reports on the built environment will be presented, and then the co-leads of the GlobalABC Work Area 3 on market transformation (WBCSD, WorldGBC, and Holcim), will present and discuss the key measures stakeholders from business, finance and policy can adopt to support the market transformation of the built environment towards “net zero” emissions. 

This session will bring together actors from business, policy, finance and science to discuss their role and the feasibility of the identified measures and asks to enable and accelerate the much-needed market transformation to achieve a net zero built environment. The event will see also the launch of the GlobalABC Higher Education Institutes (HEI) network.


  • Roland Hunziker, Director, Sustainable buildings & cities, WBCSD
  • Luca De Giovanetti, Manager, Science-Based Targets, WBCSD
  • Nora Steurer, Programme Management Officer, UNEP/GlobalABC
  • Andrew Forth, Interim Director of Policy and Public Affairs, RIBA
  • Victoria Burrows, Director, Advancing Net Zero, WorldGBC
  • Maria Smith, Director of Sustainability and Physics at Buro Happold and RIBA Councilor
  • Elke Pfeiffer, Senior Project Manager UN-convened Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance
  • Peter Graham, Executive Director, GBPN