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COP27 #BuildingsPavilion - 2030 is Today - how we can act NOW to halve built environment emissions by 2030

COP27 #BuildingsPavilion, Auditorium (lot. n°113)

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

COP27 #BuildingsPavilion

Place: #BuildingsPavilion Auditorium (lot. n°113)

Date: 16 November 2022

Time: 13:30-16:30 Eastern European Time

Lead organisation(s): BuildingToCOP Coalition (WBCSD & WorldGBC) & We Mean Business

Partners: Velux w/ UNEP-CCC, Corporate Leaders Groups, C40, Carbon Trust etc. (TBC)

Watch Recording Part I

Watch Recording Part II


The building and construction sector is responsible for approx. 40% of the global energy related carbon emissions. To achieve a net zero built environment no later than 2050, we need to halve current emissions, from 14Gt to 7Gt per year by 2030. This requires having a systemic approach to reduce the entire whole life carbon emissions, by strongly reducing operational and embodied carbon emissions. What does this mean, how can it be done in practice and who is doing it?

This thematic session is led by WBCSD and WorldGBC on behalf of the BuildingtoCOP Coalition and is also part of the We Mean Business half day thematic series. This session will provide an overview of leading initiatives and actors, provide clarity on terminologies and demonstrate actions beyond ambitions. It will showcase implementable solutions and provide clear indications of the ways forward.


We need to start building now what we need for 2030 - and we can do it. 2030 is Today. This session will demonstrate that we can build today what we need for 2030. And we need to start now; demonstrate the importance of a clear vision, practical solutions, a full system (whole life carbon) decarbonization approach as focus for full decarbonization; and highlight the importance of data and the need to set absolute targets to measure and achieve the decarbonization.




  • Victoria Burrows — Director of Advancing Net Zero (WorldGBC)
  • Luca De Giovanetti — Senior Manager Built Environment (WBCSD)


 How to…get high level support (Fireside chat - Opening remarks)

  • Emmanuel de Lanversin - Deputy director for Directorate for Housing, Urban Development and Landscapes
  • Diane Holdorf — Executive Vice President (EVP) and a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT) (WBCSD)


How to… Race to Zero (Presentation)

  • Bex Porter — Built Environment Lead (HLCCs)


Proving the possible: Case study from Africa (Virtual presentation)

  • Francois Garde — Professor of the Department Sustainable Construction at the Faculty of Engineering (University of Reunion)


How to… get there (Systemic solutions) (Panel discussion) 

  • Moderation: Cassie Sutherland — Managing Director for the Climate Solutions and Networks (C40 cities)
  • Nigel Tonks — Director, Region Board Member and the Sustainable Development Lead for the UK, India, Middle East and Africa (Arup)
  • Francesca Muskovic — National Policy Director at Property Council of Australia
  • Bob Hinkle - President and CEO (Metrus Energy)
  • Kirils Holstovs — Engineer (AECOM), ICE NE Regional Committee Climate Change Lead


How to… scale solutions (Presentation)

  • Bertrand Piccard — CEO (Solar Impulse Foundation)


How to… pause


Energiesprong (VIDEO)


How to… measure and account (Data) (Panel discussion)

  • Moderation: Luca De Giovanetti — Senior Manager Built Environment (WBCSD)
  • Stacy Smedley — Executive Director (Building Transparency)
  • May Elwany — Co-founder (EPD Egypt & SALūS Global)
  • Ryan Colker — Vice President, Innovation (International Code Council)
  • Smith Mordak —  Director (Buro Happold / RIBA) 
  • Marta Bouchard — AEC Sustainability Lead (Autodesk) Video


Proving the possible: Case study from India (Virtual presentation)


How to… enable change (Panel discussion)

  • Moderation: James Drinkwater — Lead Built Environment (Laudes Foundation)
  • Jamie Rusby — Group Director Sustainability (Velux)
  • TBC- finance speaker
  • Maged El Hawary — Non-Executive Board (CESC) 
  • Alejandra Rivera — Global Programme Manager Built Environment (Institute for Human Rights and Business)


How to… move forward (Closing)

  • Victoria Burrows Director of Advancing Net Zero (WorldGBC)
  • Luca De Giovanetti, Senior Manager Built Environment (WBCSD)