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International Conference on Bioclimatic Materials and Buildings (ICBMB)


The International Conference on Bioclimatic Materials and Buildings (ICBMB): Energy efficiency and global industry value chain will gather scientists, politicians, industrials, architects, and other experts in the field to dive into innovative solutions, strategies and policies that involve local bioclimatic approaches for more comfortable living situations, with lower carbon footprint buildings and with an efficient energy demand for cooling and heating. Most of these solutions and policies already exist and are just waiting to be evaluated, disseminated, and adapted to other regions.

The conference will be held from 3 to 5 May 2023, in Ifrane, Morocco.

This conference covers promising policies to promote highly comfortable buildings with minimal energy needs for heating and cooling. Experts will lead the discussions in the field to highlight key points which might be useful in developing and/or assessing policies.

The conference covers 4 main themes:



You are invited to submit an abstract under these 4 themes to be presented at the conference and later published. The deadline for submission of the abstract is 1 April 2023.

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