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Learn how the Level(s) indicator on ‘Life cycle Global Warming Potential’ can help you assess and report on the carbon performance of buildings

What is Level(s)?

Level(s) is an EU assessment and reporting framework that provides the basis for including lifecycle thinking and circularity in building projects as well as policy. The framework creates a common language for a variety of actors and is part of the Renovation Wave, providing guidance for users to apply circularity principles in new built and renovation projects. Level(s) uses core sustainability indicators, tested by the building sector, and provides a robust approach to measure and support improvements from design to end of life. The Level(s) framework:

  • Is based on a method tried and tested across the EU and underpins future EU policy.
  • Ensures future proofing of buildings as it tracks performance throughout the full life cycle.
  • Brings minimum numbers of indicators with maximum leverage to deliver sustainability. 

Join the webinar on 3 November 2022 to deepen your understanding of how to use Level(s) for measuring carbon performance at every life cycle stage, hands on! Specifically, the special webinar is designed to help you understand:

  • The importance of Level(s) in the context of recent EU policy developments related to whole life carbon.
  • How the Level(s) indicator for assessing whole life carbon can be used at each stage of a building’s life cycle (from design, to construction to end-of-life).

PLUS: the webinar will feature presentations by built environment professionals who will explain the importance of Level(s) for the whole life carbon assessment of buildings in their contexts.

For more information about Level(s), and the indicator 1.2 on Life cycle Global Warming Potential, you can visit the website and/or download the factsheet ‘Level(s), Putting whole life carbon into practice’ (now available in English, French, Italian and Polish).
Who should attend?

  • Professionals involved in the design, planning, financing, execution of building projects.
  • Representatives of associations, agencies, cities and public authorities with responsibility for the built-environment (building/construction, real estate etc.).
  • Organisations, of all kinds, focused on the decarbonisation of buildings.

Date/time: 3 November 2022, 10:00 – 11:45 CET

Please submit your registration before Tuesday 1 November at 18:00 CET.

If you experience any issues, please contact

The overview of this event can be downloaded here