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Mass Timber Warehouses: Performance, Sustainability & Aesthetic Appeal


Date/time: March 8, 2023 | 1:00-2:30 pm EST

Mass timber structural systems offer many benefits, and applications are starting to expand to the industrial building sector. How can wood contribute to the cost effectiveness of these types of buildings? What are the performance attributes of mass timber that can be beneficial when compared to conventional structural systems for warehouses and other industrial facilities? How can wood contribute to growing tenant and investor demand for sustainability and wellness?

Attend this webinar to hear from leading developers and builders who have constructed the first mass timber warehouses in the U.S. Through case study examples, we’ll answer these questions and discuss the potential for further growth of mass timber in the industrial sector. The webinar will conclude with the release of WoodWorks’ first industrial Mass Timber Business Case Study. Written for the developer/owner/investor audience, business case studies analyze how mass timber structural systems can create value for owners, tenants and other stakeholders, and share lessons learned from the developer/owner’s perspective.

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