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Net Zero Carbon Strategy in Real Estate and Buildings in the Worlds (Ecole des Ponts ParisTech)

Date: 4-8 April

The Executive Master in Sustainable Real Estate and Building (IBD), Energy and Digital Transitions, is organizing from April 4-8, 2022, the 2nd edition of the international conference "Net Zero Carbon Strategy in Real Estate and Buildings in the Worlds".

The objectives of this international conference are:

  • At the country and NGO levels: to understand the environmental issues specific to each country and to identify strategic development areas, to analyze the regulatory framework, to identify the economic and legal levers (aid, subsidies, stimulus packages, etc.) to accelerate implementation.
  • At the project level: to evaluate solutions combining sustainability over the entire life cycle of the construction work, sustainable performance, accessibility and cost, and to compare the methods of assessment and monitoring of the performance, provide feedback on high impact initiatives.

In this year’s agenda, over 50 world-class speakers from 15 countries (USA, Finland, Denmark, Germany, UK, China, India, Austria, Burkina Faso, Russia, Senegal, Colombia...) will take part!

Find more information here and register here!

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