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Plan Green: Catalyzing green transition of real estate portfolios (IFC)

Location: World Bank Pavilion, Blue Zone  

COP Side Event

Time:  11:00-11:45

Location: World Bank Pavilion, Blue Zone  


The panel will provide the forum to share experiences and discuss opportunities and challenges for the private sector, as large property owners and corporations’ commit to net-zero and transform their real estate portfolios through retrofitting existing buildings. It will showcase successful examples from asset owners and funds as they plan, finance, and execute their green transformations.


  • Mr. Prashant Kapoor, Chief Industry Specialist, Green Buildings, IFC
  • Mr. Olivier Granet, CEO, KASADA Capital Management
  • Mr. Adam Targowski, Group Head of ESG, CTP Properties
  • Mr. Simon Hanna, CEO, Fibra Maquarie México