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Webinar - "Planning for Low Carbon Urban Development - Building Typologies and their Emission Profiles" (C40)

Date: 9 June

Time: 17:00 CET

Does an ideal climate-optimised building typology exist? How can we promote and balance the best quality of life at the lowest carbon footprint? The Architecture firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architects has endeavoured to answer some of these questions and has compiled years of research into the intersection of density and carbon impacts into their book Residenisty. The book investigates how much land, infrastructure and carbon – both embodied and operational – is required to support 2,000 residences for nine different building typologies leading to some interesting conclusions about how we might develop our cities to meet our climate goals.

In this webinar Christopher Drew and Xi Yi from Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architects will be discussing how a variety of building typologies perform on different carbon metrics - especially embodied carbon - and how cities can apply these learnings to their planning practices.

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