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[Webinar] Risk and Resilience in the Built Environment

3 Sessions on Green and Resilient Hotels



The hotel sector is a growing industry that needs to limit its carbon emissions: 66% reductions of emissions per room are needed by 2030 and 90% per room are needed by 2050 to comply with global climate change goals. At the same time, hotels are feeling the impacts of climate change through increased storms, water scarcity, and sea level rise. To address these challenges, the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) are launching a webinar series around the theme of “unlocking investments for green and resilient hotels.”

The webinar series, comprised of 3 sessions described below, includes solutions for different actors in the industry value chain, specifying the learning outcomes and audience for each topic.

Session 1: click here

Session 2: click here

Session 3: May 18, 2023

In this session, participants will explore the topic of risk and how hotels can respond to climate risks and build their resilience, using the Destination Water Risk Index (DWRI) and the Building Resilience Index. DWRI maps areas of high water stress against areas of high hotel growth, enabling companies and investors to explore, assess, financially value and respond to water risks, in current and planned operations. Building Resilience Index is a web-based hazard mapping and resilience assessment framework for the building sector. It is designed to facilitate access to location-specific hazard information, provide resilience measures to mitigate applicable risks, and improve transparency for disclosing a building’s resilience information between sector stakeholders. During the live demo of the online platform, you will find out how to assess, improve, and disclose the resilience of your hotels.

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