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[Webinar] Zero-Emission Buildings Academy


The GlobalABC is pleased to invite you to attend the first webinar of the Zero-Emission Buildings Academy launched in partnership between BPIE, ECTP, and European Copper Institute from International Copper Association.

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Elisabeth ZEYEN, Berlin Institute of Technology, will presents her research: "Buildings in a highly renewable energy system: it's all about peak demand."
Space and water heating accounts for about 40% of final energy consumption in the European Union and thus significantly reduces overall costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Many scenarios to reach net-zero emissions in buildings rely on electrification. However, meeting the heat demand peaks in the winter can be challenging, particularly when wind and solar resources are low.

This presentation examines how to mitigate space heating demand peaks most cost-effectively in a top-down, sector-coupled model with carbon dioxide emissions constraint to be net zero. It introduces the first model that simultaneously co-optimizes supply and efficiency, including all European countries, with hourly resolution.

The competition between technologies to address these heating peaks, namely building retrofitting, thermal energy storage, and individual hybrid heat pumps with backup gas boilers, is examined.

A novel thought experiment demonstrates that the level of building renovation is driven by the strong seasonal heat peaks rather than the overall energy consumption. If all three instruments are applied, total costs are reduced by up to 17%. Building renovation enables the largest benefit with cost savings of up to 14% and allows individual gas boilers to be removed from the energy system without significantly higher costs.