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Agence pour l’Économie et la Maîtrise de l’Energie
Agence pour l’Économie et la Maîtrise de l’Energie (AEME) / National Energy Conservation Agency
Address: 15 Boulevard de la République Central Dakar, Senegal
Region of Activities: Senegal
Founded: 2011


The main goal of Agence pour l’Économie et la Maîtrise de l’Energie (AEME) is to reduce energy consumption and on a long term basis by taking into account all energy sources in buildings, industries and services. AEME aims to promote energy efficiency within all sectors and is responsible of :

  • identify, assess and operate the energy saving potential in the different sectors ;
  • contribute to the Government's energy efficiency policy design and national strategies development;
  • develop strategic plans and multi-year and annual energy efficiency programs;
  • lead and evaluate/assess the implementation of energy efficiency programs;
  • give advices and technical and/or financial assistance for rational energy consumption;
  • promote standards, laws, regulations and incentives for energy conservation and efficient appliances; - raise and manage funding for energy efficiency programs ;
  • contribute to the development of funding requests in collaboration with the Ministry in charge of Energy and the Ministry in charge of Cooperation;
  • promote exchanges at national, regional and international levels on experiences and achievements in energy management;
  • set up an information, communication and sensitization program on energy efficiency among professionals and public.


  1. Reduce electricity consumption of administrative buildings;
  2. Improve energy efficiency of lighting and other electric appliances and energy equipments in buildings (disseminating efficient lighting, program ECOFRIDGES on refrigerators and air conditioners, energy audits, and their implementation in some buildings, etc.);
  3. Raise awareness in energy management thus changing behavior and adopting good practices;
  4. Create an encouraging economic and financial facilities, beneficial for the development of energy management;
  5. Develop regulatory framework for efficient /green buildings;
  6. Develop statistics and technical tools and database to better understand stakes and processes to use for energy efficiency;
  7. Demonstrate the potential of energy savings available in energy efficiency and energy substitution, and create opportunities in developing new markets, new employments and subsidies;
  8. Explore other possibilities in using alternative energies in the residential sector (biofuel, biogas, etc.).