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Address: Viessmannstraße 1, 35108 Allendorf (Eder)
Region of Activities: Germany


The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of climate and energy solutions. This family enterprise was founded in 1917, has 12,700 employees and € 2.8 billion Euro turnover. With 22 production companies in 12 countries, sales companies and agencies in 74 countries and 120 sales offices worldwide, Viessmann is internationally oriented. Because it is a family business, Viessmann places particular value on acting in a responsible way for the long term; hence sustainability is firmly anchored in its corporate values.


At Viessmann, we provide actions in the buildings and construction sector in 4 different ways:

  • Exemplarity: we drive decarbonisation in our own premises and operations. We already reduced by half our absolute own emissions since 2005 - despite a significant growth, and we aim at reducing them by another half by 2030 vs 2019 (scope 1 and 2).
  • Empowerment: we empower end-users and buildings owners to reduce their own emissions via our products and services. Our decarbonisation options build on energy efficiency, renewable energy and digitalisation. We strive to combine decarbonisation options with tangible health and comfort benefits to increase the acceptance towards climate goals. More concretely, we drive the electrification of buildings via heat pumps and self-consumption models (PV/battery/heat pumps/HEMS systems) and we enable the decarbonisation of gaseous and liquid fuels via hybridisation and hydrogen-ready space heating. We also design new disruptive business models to scale the uptake of low carbon solutions such as "heating as a service" and energy communities (ViShare).
  • Partnering and innovation: We join demonstration projects to test and demonstrate concepts for net-zero building spaces - for example in the large "Smart Quart project "which will showcase a carbon neutral energy system in three representative locations- from sparsely populated rural municipalities to high-density urban neighbourhoods. We also kick-started a new innovation stream on embedded emissions, circular economy and LCAs in partnership with our supply chain. The goal is to stay within planetary boundaries and encourage green consumption.
  • Advocacy: We proactively join the public debate and advocate for net-zero goals in buildings and the wider energy system. We contribute to the legislative process via our trade associations and bilaterally with policy makers. We strive to fill the knowledge gap on heating and cooling via studies and global initiatives (such as GABC, or the UN global week for action on SDGs). And we promote communication and awareness raising on climate change via regional projects and global campaigns such as ViMove For Climate(for the planting of trees). Join us on