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[Job Openings] Senior Consultancies at GlobalABC Secretariat

The GlobalABC is currently looking for two senior consultants:

  1. Senior strategy expert - Buildings and Construction
    1. Conduct an analysis of GlobalABC audiences (government institutions, companies and other key actors along the value chain) to categorize and prioritize specific audiences that could achieve impacts in the near term, while looking ahead to identify those audiences that should be targeted for the long-term
    2. Conduct an analysis of members’ efforts with a view to identify ways for GlobalABC to strengthen their engagement and maximize potential for highlighting key successes, matchmaking, and collaborating/cooperating on activities/projects/ initiatives/proposals/innovations.
    3. Review the GlobalABC communication processes, strategy and plan including to identify ways to improve the impact of the GlobalABC’s virtual activities and presence. 
    4. Monitor implementation of the outreach plan as per its results framework, develop and provide a common format for GlobalABC and its members to report back on their progress, use/implementation of GlobalABC tools/recommendations and activities annually.
  2. Senior communications expert - Buildings and Construction
    1. Building on the GlobalABC's Theory of change and through a participatory process with the GlobalABC Steering Committee, design an ambitious GlobalABC outreach plan that includes a results framework and a budget for required operational and core activities to enable the GlobalABC and its members to better leverage external and internal resources and build partnerships for achieving its mission. 
    2. Based on the outreach plan, initiate actions to strengthen GlobalABC’s engagement with public and private sector funders/financiers and donors and suggest potential mechanisms/approaches for GlobalABC to play a stronger role is fostering collaboration and creating partnerships to support change in countries and companies.

👉 Please spread the word and/or apply if of interest. Deadline for applying is 24 May 2022, via the above links.