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LAUNCHED - Breakthrough Agenda Report 2023

The International Energy Agency (IEA), the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the United Nations Climate Change High-Level Champions launched the second edition of the Breakthrough Agenda Report.

The report is focused on supporting stronger international collaboration to drive faster reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions. This year’s report shows that current efforts on clean energy and sustainable solutions, while improving, are not yet delivering the levels of investment and deployment required to meet international climate goals. In response, it calls on governments to strengthen collaboration in key areas – such as standards and regulation, financial and technical assistance and market creation – to turbocharge the transition.

This second report in the series assesses progress over the past 12 months against the recommendations made in the inaugural Breakthrough Agenda Report across five key sectors – power, hydrogen, road transport, steel and agriculture. The authors use this assessment to inform their advice for governments, businesses and civil society on actionable next steps to strengthen collaboration in and across the major emitting sectors, updating the recommendations wherever necessary. The guidance spans finance, research and development, demand-side adoption, supporting infrastructure and public engagement.

The 2023 edition, following the development of the Buildings Breakthrough, includes a Buildings chapter, developed in collaboration with GlobalABC and where five areas are identified as priorities for international collaboration to deliver near-zero emissions and resilient buildings: Standards and certification; Demand creation; Finance and investment; Research and deployment; and Knowledge and capacity-building. 

The report also includes a Cement Chapter. With the addition of the Buildings and Cement sectors, the Breakthrough Agenda would cover more than 60% of global emissions.

Read the full report here.