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Mapping of Certified Green Building and Initiatives in Africa

Africa’s building stock has low resilience to climate change, posing unique challenges in the coming decades. Yet, Africa’s housing challenges can still be turned into opportunities for building sustainability and resilience (2022 Buildings-GSR, GlobalABC)

The below map identifies projects registered or accredited under non‐African and African energy labels. Green building certification projects across Africa are under blue labels, and initiatives relating to construction materials are under orange labels.

This mapping work was undertaken under the 2022 Buildings-GSR. The authors of the first sourcing are Insaf Ben Othmane Hamrouni, Omar Wanas, and Eng. Ibtissem Bouattay. 

If you are keen to contribute information on green certification projects and initiatives relating to construction materials in Africa, please reach out to the GlobalABC Secretariat at

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