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Webinar recording: Decarbonizing Real Estate Portfolios

In its Work Area 4 on Finance, the GlobalABC focuses on tools and methods for green buildings portfolios in development banks and other finance institutions, discuss whole-life carbon financing and explore collaboration with Work Area 5 on digital data for financing. In its Work Area 5 on Building measurement, data and Information, the GlobalABC has been promoting digital building passports as a tool to close the information gap and to support buildings and construction policy & investment. 

On 12 December 2022, Guidehouse/PCAF and GlobalABC organized a webinar titled "Decarbonizing Real Estate Portfolios" for members of the Net-Zero Banking Alliance. Presenters shared insights from PCAF's recently published guidance on financing the net zero building transition in Europe and highlighted how GlobalABC's work on Building Passports can bridge data gaps and provide finance sector actors with information on carbon-related risks and opportunities in buildings.

The PCAF Guidance on financing the net zero building transition provides guidance to financial institutions on how to approach the net-zero journey and decarbonize their building portfolios using a stepwise approach. This guidance is intended for any financial institution, particularly for banks and investors with known use of proceeds in mortgage and CRE portfolios.

Developing and using Building Passports for capturing, administering and managing building related data and information across the whole life cycle is now seen by policy makers and market participants alike as a way of overcoming current data gaps and data-related barriers, allowing for more transparent and accurate climate policy target-setting, tracking and reporting as well as for attracting and allocating the required finance.

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