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Urban Resilience Assessment Using Hybrid MCDM Model Based on DEMATEL-ANP Method (DANP) - IAU-Science and Research Branch

Urban Resilience Assessment: Using Hybrid MCDM Model Based on DEMATEL-ANP Method (DANP)

Creator: IAU-Science and Research Branch
Type of methodology: Rating or Index system
Approach type: CVRA (Climate Vulnerability and Risk Assessment)
Short description: This study aimed to determine at least a set of appropriate and clear criteria based on experts’ opinions by the Delphi method. This method decreases the decision time for urban planners.
Hazards covered: Coastal floodings
Audiences: Architects and engineers
Assessment level: Urban infrastructure
Evaluation system:

The degree of resilience against unpredictable stresses and shocks



  • This study provides fresh insights for urban planners to know the cause-and-effect relations between dimensions and criteria, to best deal with the resilience
  • The present study aimed to assess urban resilience in order to use management and prevention programs before the occurrence of natural and human hazards

Research phase

In the present study, the DEMATEL combination with ANP approaches was used to determine the interdependent relationships among the criteria and their importance. Azizi et al. (2014) stated that ANP cannot assign the strengths and internal relationships between the criteria and does not pay attention to this issue, which could cause the model results to deviate from the real situation. To overcome this shortcoming, DEMATEL was applied along with ANP. Wang et al. (2018) stated that the DEMATEL based ANP method can correct the deficiency of the ANP method and reflect the interdependent feedback relationships between the factors, which could ensure that the results are scientific and reasonable.