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Renewable Energy Strategies for Real Estate
Author: Monika Henn
Region of Activities: Global
Type: Report
Origin: Urban Land Institute (ULI)

The path to decarbonization in real estate requires the integration of a renewable energy strategy, including both installed onsite and purchased offsite clean power. There is a strong business case for renewable energy, including lowering energy costs or reducing cost volatility, strengthening the utility grid, improving resilience, meeting net zero goals, and increasing tenant demand. However, there are challenges to assessing opportunities, deal structures, and financing mechanisms that limit market uptake. The Renewable Energy Strategies for Real Estate Report aims to help real estate practitioners understand the business case for renewables and develop a strategy to identify, prioritize, and execute renewable energy deals both on site and off site.
Renewable energy is not a new concept or startup technology. All types of buildings with varying ownership models and lease structures have been able to generate or procure renewable energy. With increasing stakeholder demand for sustainable real estate and a growing attention on setting net zero goals, renewable energy will play a large role in buildings of the future.