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Webinar "If you build it: How governments, financing and territorial planning influence the construction value chain" (One Planet Network SBC Programme)

Date: 11 June

Time: 14:00 - 15:30 CET

The One Planet network – IRP Task Force report on the value-chain approach concluded that the majority of both natural resource use and environmental impacts that take place along the construction value chain occurs at the manufacturing of construction material, the construction and the operation stages of the value chain.   And yet, the solutions can be found at many different stages. The interactions within the systems mean that the operations and behaviours of actors at different stages of the construction value chain can have a significant influence throughout.

Join this interactive discussion to hear from experts about the crucial role that governments, financial institutions and territorial planning play in influencing sustainability along the construction value chain. More precisely, this event will discuss how the decisions by governments and investors largely determine activity along the construction value chain. This webinar will also serve as a kick-off to a broader set of consultations with experts from the construction sector in order to present innovative business and policy solutions in order to come up with a common approach for action together.

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