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COP28 Buildings Pavilion

The COP28 Buildings Pavilion is hosted by the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC). Located in Blue Zone, Zone B7, Building 88, Level 1, Pavilion 240, the COP28 Buildings Pavilion is sharing the same space with the Business Pavilion hosted by the We Mean Business Coalition. 

Following the success at previous COPs, the Buildings Pavilion at COP28 will once again be a space for businesses and policymakers to interact, a meeting place for the buildings and construction community, and a space to showcase solutions through events, presentations, exhibitions, etc

The COP28 Buildings Pavilion aims to be a centre of gravity for the buildings and construction sector to take stock of progress made since COP21 and showcase buildings as solutions for climate action. The Buildings Pavilion will unite all stakeholders along the built environment value chain as one voice towards achieving building decarbonization and resilience. 

From 2 to 10 December, 15 events will take place in the Buildings Pavilion, in line with the daily themes interconnected with the COP27 Presidency and Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action (MPGCA) agendas. All the events will be livestreamed

This year, our tagline is "Building our future". The Buildings Pavilion's daily themes and their related events are as follows. All event times are in Gulf Standard Time. 

2-3 December | Building a healthy future

2 December, 16:00-17:30 | Market Transformation Activation – Preparing for Paris 2024

3 December, 11:30-13:00 | Climate Action – A deep dive into environmental and social sustainability challenges, from COP28 to the World

4 December | Building the future by financing green

09:45-11:15 | Decarbonizing the built environment: New solutions and implementation mechanisms

13:30-14:15 | The decarbonisation journey of buildings & construction – How far have we come? A global perspective on progress and delays

14:30-15:30 | Activating the trillions: The critical role of finance to deliver a net-zero built environment

5 December | Building a circular future

11:30-13:00 | Drivers of Decarbonization: Transformation, trends, and levers in the buildings sector

15:00-16:30 | Enabling Circularity in the Built Environment

6 December | Building our future together

09:00-10:30 | Disrupting Climate Trends through Next-Generation Leadership: Advancing innovation, policy, and the workforce to meet ambitious goals for a more sustainable future for all

15:00-16:30 | The Fifth Industrial Revolution & Closing The Carbon Loop

8 December | Building an empowered future for all

10:00-11:30 | Fostering Empowerment & Resilience in the Building Sector

15:00-16:30 | One size fits no one: rethinking the just transition from forests to cities. Local, equitable and nature-based solutions to the climate crisis

9 December | Building a nature-positive future

10:00-11:30 | Building a net-zero & nature-positive future: Whole life cycle approaches and circularity as key drivers for building decarbonisation

13:30-15:00 | Roadmaps to decarbonize the buildings sector

10 December | Building a resilient future

09:00-10:30 | Net Zero and Resilient Futures: Navigating Climate Challenges in Urban Development and Real Estate Sustainability

14:00-15:30 | Building the Transition: energy efficiency, electrification and beyond

Check out the interactive version of the COP28 Buildings Pavilion programme! Download the programme PDF now. 

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COP28 Buildings Pavilion Interactive Programme

Download the programme PDF

Take a look at our COP28 Buildings Pavilion Trello board. More social media resources will be available soon.