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The Building Passport: A Tool for Capturing and Managing Whole Life Data and Information in Construction and Real Estate
Author: Ursula Hartenberger (PathTo2050), York Ostermeyer (CUES Analytics), Thomas Lützkendorf (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Region of Activities: Global
Type: Report

Environmental targets for the construction sector have become ever more stringent. Many stakeholders on both the supply and demand sides are increasingly calling for accessible and reliable data and information on buildings. Policymakers and market participants alike see the development and use of Building Passports as a way of overcoming current data gaps and data barriers, helping to capture, administer and manage building-related data and information across the whole life cycle. The overarching goals of these practical guidelines, which represent the collaborative effort of a global Task Force of public and private sector experts, are to illustrate the value of developing holistic, multi-dimensional Building Passports. At the same time, the guidelines reflect key aspects of past discussions about how to make them work in practice, drawing on the experiences of stakeholders and on existing and emerging similar-type initiatives. As such, these guidelines are a supporting tool that:

  • Explain the approach of a Building Passport for a more systematic and coherent approach to building-related data and information.
  • Help build capacity for improved data capture and management through practical recommendations and real-life examples of good practice.
  • Ensure a minimum of harmonization / standardization.
  • Foster more widespread market transformation through progressive digitization of building-related data and information, thus creating greater overall sectoral transparency and opportunities for the development of new business models and tools.