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EU Policy Whole Life Carbon Roadmap for buildings
Author: Audrey Nugent, Carolina Montano-Owen, Laura Pallares, Stephen Richardson, Miles Rowland
Region of Activities: Europe
Type: Roadmap
Origin: WorldGBC

On 24 May 2022, WorldGBC launched the EU Policy Whole Life Carbon Roadmap for buildings as part of the #BuildingLife project.

This Roadmap outlines the key European Union (EU) policy interventions, regulatory measures and tools needed to achieve a decarbonised, circular, resilient and well-designed built environment by 2050. It focuses on measures to address whole life carbon (WLC) at the building level.

Created as part of the #BuildingLife project, this Roadmap provides:

  • A reference for European policymakers to guide decision-making in relation to key EU built-environment policy packages to ensure they align with global and European climate and energy goals;
  • Aresourceforpolicymakersatnationalandsubnationallevels to understand how to harmonise multi-level governance to accelerate action on WLC;
  • Aguideforanyonewishingtounderstandwhattrajectorypolicy (particularly EU policy) must take to ensure the built-environment sector delivers on the EU Green Deal and Paris Agreement;
  • A resource giving organisations across the sector a common position, building impetus for greater policy ambition.